1  M.T.C.C.  Provision of spare parts, routine servicing and maintenance of Perkins, CAT and Cummins generators at all the offshore locations and sites in Rivers, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom States.  Since 2009 ongoing
2 Heritage Oil and Gas Ltd.   Provision of spare parts, routine service and maintenance of all the Perkins generators at all the fuel stations in Port Harcourt and Uyo,, including Heritage Hotels Ikom. Feb. 2010 Ongoing 
3  Delta Plastic Ltd.  Routine service/maintenance for 1 by 500 KVA Perkins generator Jan. 2011 Ongoing 
4 Chenice Gardens Hotels   Overhauling of 2 by 250 KVA Perkins generator.  June 2013 Completed.
5 Nishen Industries Ltd.  Routine service/maintenance for 1 by 800 KVA Perkins generator. April 2013 Ongoing 
6 Foundation Faith Church Rumuomasi   Routine service/maintenance and provision of spare parts for 1 by 150 KVA Perkins 2011 Ongoing 
7 Swiss International Mabisel Hotels   Routine service/maintenance and provision of spare parts for 1 by 600 KVA Perkins and1 by 650 KVA CAT Nov 2014 Ongoing 
8 Bere-mont Nigeria Ltd.   Routine service/maintenance and provision of spare parts for 2 by 100 KVA and 3 by 60 KVA Perkins generators. April 2014 Ongoing 
9 Edobi Suites Ltd.   Overhauling for 2 by 150 KVA Perkins and maintenance contractor for same 2011 Ongoing 

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